Remembering Phyllis Hyman and Her Musical Performances

Remembering Phyllis Hyman and Her Musical Performances

Listen to Phyllis Hyman's Stunning Voice

Deluxe Collection 9 CD box set, Old Friend released by Soul Music Records

"Living All Alone" Music Video

"Sacred Kinda Love" performance with Grover Washington, Jr. Live at the Apollo Theatre

"It Don't Mean A Thing" from the Broadway hit, Sophisticated Ladies

"Be One" from Spike Lee's School Daze

Praise for Phyllis Hyman

“She was a rare beauty, and in my estimation one of the great voices of our time… For those of you fortunate enough to have her early works or any of her offerings, you possess a sound that is only heard once in a lifetime… Listen to the voice, the lyrics and understand the body of work Phyllis has left for us.”

- Nancy Wilson

“Phyllis’ voice, at once breathy and resonant, will sing in my heart and spirit forever.”

- Roberta Flack

“Working with Phyllis was an experience… to say the least… such a beautiful voice beyond compare… so rich in its tone and flavor; her voice was uniquely identifiable without a doubt. If you walked into a room with closed eyes and heard her sing one note, you knew that it was [the] voice of the great Phyllis Hyman. It was her unique voice resonating, as she sang from her soul… which captured my attention and attracted me to her as an artist.”

- Kenny Gamble

“A once-in-a-lifetime voice…gone too soon.”

-Patti LaBelle


-Alicia Keys

“Phyllis Hyman is ready to join the ranks of black female vocalists dominating America music.”

- Nelson George

“Her voice would move you as if it were a saxophone.”

- Jennifer Holiday

“The singer has one of the most gloriously original and powerful styles around… few pop singers can equal her brilliance.”

- Hugh Wyatt, Daily News

“Phyllis Hyman’s talent was too large, too formidable, too damn classy to be conveniently shoved into a musical slot.”

- Tom Conroy, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“... Hyman was simply a talent for the ages... Hyman’s vocal range extended from the deepest bass to the highest soprano, and her crisp phrasing and graceful, melismatic runs left more flamboyant singers drowning in her wake... Hyman sang as though her listeners were wrapped in sable and drinking vintage champagne. Her music was suited to old money, warm candlelit rooms, and seductive, starry nights.”

- Vibe Magazine

“Oh, the word diva. How wasted it has been in describing the undeserving. Phyllis Hyman was the genuine article.”

- A. Scott Galloway, Urban Network

“When Phyllis Hyman sings ‘There’s nothing I can’t do,’ she’s utterly convincing.”

-Vince Aletti, Interview Magazine